"The Organisation that applies Business Intelligence most effectively today will be tomorrow's winner in a very competitive world."

Business Intelligence (BI), or less romantically, "holistic, accurate, timely and flexible reporting", is at the centre of all decision makers' requirements of Information Technology. With it they have the opportunity to understand the shape, size, health and direction of their organisation. Without it they are in the dark, working on instinct or with severely restricted visibility. The organisation that applies Business Intelligence most effectively will be tomorrows winner in a very competitive world. Yet, despite its importance, many organisations fail to obtain or sustain a significant and tangible return in investment BI.

At Whitby Partners, we believe we know why this is and what can be done about it. Our experience of a wide range of BI programs, our focus on business requirements, and our ability to adapt our style to an organisational culture are the ingredients that help our clients achieve their goals.

We underpin our services with BI Exploitation Best Practice a blend of both business and technical best practice, developed and refined by Whitby Partners. BI Exploitation Best Practice is being adopted by other Consulting Practices in both Europe and North America to aid their clients in their quest for delivering improved value to the business.

We believe that BI should be driven by the fact-based decision making processes that it supports and that that BI success is under-pinned by business-led needs, closely married to the opportunities and constraints that technology and data offer.

At the core of our services are a team of hybrid Consultants, equally comfortable discussing business needs with senior stakeholders as they are architecting and managing complex systems and projects.

Established in January 2004, we have an impressive list of blue chip clients and are rated Five Star by Dunn & Bradstreet.